Just by watching the trailer for this upcoming game Wanderer, I got gamer shivers. You know, the kind of shivers gamers get when they see something they must get their fingers on. This new 2D platformer and RPG is bound to take some lo-res lovers on an adventure.


The best way I can describe Wanderer is that it seems to be many genres in one. You’ve got the layout of a 2D cinematic platformer inspired by Heart of Darkness, Another World and Flashback. Then you’ve got RPG pseudo turn-based combat inspired by Paper Mario, Valkyrie Profile, and Rogue Galaxy. Not to mention puzzles, decision making, interactive dialogue, and atmospheric visuals thrown into the mix.

Wanderer has blown my mind, and I haven’t even played it yet!


But wait, theres more! The creators at Red Cloak Games have decided to take an episodic approach with Wanderer. They have a goal of releasing episode installments to go with the game 3-4 months apart. These will of course follow the release of the game expected to be September 2016, if they get their funding (which I do not doubt).


Since I am a creative writer with an interest in writing a video game story myself, I always look for a plot that is compelling enough to make me want to play the game. Wanderer has a Sci-fi based story that sounds different than most. It involves an abandoned earth and a crashed prison facility from space. Rook, the main protagonist, must find all nine cell blocks, which may relate to the episodic part of Wanderer.

Personally, if I had the money, I would back Wanderer with hundreds, because this game gives a whole new meaning to unique.

To learn more and follow their progress, check out the Wanderer Kickstarter, or their website. 

Track the progress of the Wanderer Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Gabrielle Steudle
Gabrielle loves being transported into other worlds that people have created, and video games allow her to do that. Ever since she was six years old, she has been gaming. She grew up playing along side Super Nerd, a.k.a, her Dad. Old MMO’s like EverQuest and City of Heroes started her gaming career. Now, Gabrielle enjoys horror games mostly, but is willing to try anything. She has graduated from Grand Valley State University in Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and her dream is to write the scripts and storyboards for video games.
Gabrielle Steudle