Were you looking forward to crush skeletons and all sorts of bloody monstrosities before Christmas? Unfortunately, that won’t be happening. Well, not at least until January 27th next year, which is now the latest official release date for Slain! – Wolf Brew Games’ gory hack-n-slash.


In fact, the game was initially supposed to release during October. It’s also worth noting that this delay seems to be affecting the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions, with Slain!’s PS Vita port still aimed at a March 2016 release. Apparently the game’s main hub is also now fully implemented (as shown in the video below).

Just as a reminder, Slain! was funded in the end of March this year for a total amount of $19,396, a bit more than $7000 past its initial goal. A homage to the good old 80’s and 90’s gory hack and slash games, Slain! is all about brutal gameplay, lots of weapon combos and as few save points as possible.

Apart from its hardcore nature, Slain! also features astounding pixel art that’ll make you gasp in awe. No, seriously. Just check out the brand new bunch that the developers shared in their update:

Slain3 Slain2 Slain1


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