Do you remember Sylvio? It’s a terrifying survival horror game that was released in June to mostly positive reception. Well, Niklas Swanberg (the developer), has kicked off a second Kickstarter with a goal of 130,000kr ($15,000+) to fund Sylvio 2.

Sylvio 2 will continue where the first game left off, once again putting you in the shoes of Juliette Waters. Juliette, as you will remember, is a ghost recorder and EVP-specialist. You will be using her knowledge and skills to solve some grisly puzzles.  Like in the first Sylvio game, you will be recording ghosts and solving puzzles. The developer wants to make a vast map with different terrains since the protagonist mainly travels on foot. There will also be combat mechanics in place and a lucid dreaming ability. This ability will allow Juliette to explore her nightmares and add to the horror.


A new audio-visual tool will be used in the game. Juliette will now have a video camera and a portable TV to help her analyse her recordings by adjusting the speeds. I think this gives the game a bit more earthy authenticity and I can imagine that while you are engrossed in analysing there will be some wicked jumpscares.


Personally, just from the sheer brilliant design of the first Sylvio, Sylvio 2 automatically has my support. The first game nominated for Best Original game at the TIGA Awards, along with Dying Light and Bloodborn. That is quite an achievement in my opinion. In fact, the vast majority of negative reviews for Sylvio were to do with little things such as control issues or a lack of intuitiveness which is understandable when such a small team is involved.

I imagine the previous failings of the game will be taken account for in the sequel. Since the first game was only $12 when it was worth at least 20, I feel obligated to back Sylvio 2, but what do you think? Will you be planning this new addition?

Track the progress of the Sylvio 2 Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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