Popup Dungeon originally promised backers above certain pledge levels the chance to vote on which additional tilesets would be introduced in addition to the standard dungeons. However unlike a number of other projects that made ambitious claims, developer Triple B Titles did let backers influence development and after showcasing the Haunted House tileset last month this month’s update sees the unveiling of the Starship tileset.

At three minutes long the video crams in a glimpses of the various objects and environments available in the Starship tileset which promises a whole new avenue of possible adventures for this roguelike RPG. There’s even a ‘HoloGraph’ room inspired by the holodecks of Star Trek which paves the way for inserting more traditional dungeon environments into the futuristic setting.

The next few months will feature demonstrations of Steampunk and Eastern/Japanese tilesets before an Alpha version is made available, at which point we’ll be able to find out if the gameplay of Popup Dungeon will be as polished and varied as its unique papercraft visuals.

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