Interfectorem, the Kickstarter-funded project from the Girls Make Games initiative, has finally updated backers on the project’s development, which hit its goal way back in August. $12,701 is a big number, and so radio silence has hardly been encouraging for backers. Nonetheless, the team promises the next update will be posted in a matter of weeks. Backers will have to take their word for it.

InterfectoremIt’s very much worth noting that the Girls Make Games initiative has brought together a team of middle school girls aged between 10-14 (‘The Team Who Must Not Be Named’) to work on this project, so triple-A efficiency is hardly to be expected. Nonetheless, backers need to be updated. This is real money we’re talking about, and even if the team behind the project is very young and inexperienced, someone needs to take the reigns with regard to this particular matter, even if it requires adult intervention.

That said, Girls Make Games seems like a very good cause, encouraging young women to pursue careers in the industry. I don’t have much faith in Interfectorem being a quality product, but if its development can grow new talent, I’m all for it. You never know, one of those girls might just end up working on a future Game of the Year contender.

That said, let this be the first lesson for any crowdfunded project: keep your backers regularly updated, and at no point drop off the radar. It’s important.

If you’d like to follow the girls’ progress, check out Interfectorem’s official Kickstarter page, where you’ll hopefully find an update in the next few weeks or so.

Gary Alexander Stott
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Gary Alexander Stott


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