We’ve all got one. A video game wishlist that is. Regardless of how many games currently comprise your collection, and how many unfinished titles litter your shelves, or hard drive, you can admit it: you crave more. Hey, I’m as guilty as anyone. Seriously, I’ve been playing Oblivion for about four years now (damn completionist personality…). Gamespot’s Danny O’Dwyer has a poignant episode of “The Point,” exploring the trend of those games we never complete. Sometimes you’ve just completed one title and are seeking a new game to play, others simply searching for the next addition to your obnoxiously large collection.

It probably doesn’t help that sites GOG and Steam are constantly hosting various sales. Whether it’s a seasonal Winter/Summer/Autumn/Spring sale, weekend discount, or daily deal, but here are the top five Kickstarter funded games to pick up during any sale:

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse

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The Broken Sword franchise reigns as one of the finest point-and-click series, and the 2013 fifth installment continued the legacy. Featuring gorgeous artwork, a compelling story, and a pick-up-and-play structure, it’s one of the best games, crowdfunded or otherwise, to debut in the past few years. Bonus points for the back-catalog of other Broken Sword titles which you can re-visit, or experience for the first time. You may even be able to find a nice 1-5 bundle on sale.

‘Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse’

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father 20th Anniversary

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Jane Nensen’s Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father dropped in 1993, and featured a detailed narrative, garnished with fabulous voice-acting. The likes of Tim Curry, Mark Hamill, and Michael Dorn contribute their abundant talents to this ’93 point-and-click action-adventure game. Enter Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father 20th Anniversary, a remake with updated visuals, music, puzzles, and more. Unfortunately, the original voice work wasn’t used, but the remake offers a revitalized look at a classic story.

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father 20th Anniversary

Wasteland 2

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Brian Fargo has been a pioneer in the crowfdunding space, and his 2014 RPG Wasteland 2 exhibited just why. Continuing the 1988 predecessor wasn’t an easy challenge considering the length of time between releases, but Wasteland 2 successfully made crowdfunding history with its Kickstarter campaign, and delivered an immersive experience. The final release brought vast improvements from the already-polished pre-release, and I mean, who doesn’t want to romp around a post-apocalyptic world?

Wasteland 2
Wasteland 2


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The sci-fi horror genre offers loads of potential, as films like “Alien” and “Event Horizon” proved. Enter Stasis, an utterly terrifying game which fuses two unlikely categories: point-and-click, plus sci-fi horror. While there’s not really an imminent threat, like the hordes of zombies in Resident Evil, or plethora of demons in Doom 3, Stasis remains creepy, atmospheric, and disturbing. It’s much more “Alien” than “Aliens,” opting for the slow-burn of tension rather than adrenaline-fueled adventure. Oh, and did I mention the music is on point?


Divinity: Original Sin

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Receiving mass critical acclaim, Divinity: Original Sin is beautiful, a retro-styled RPG. Despite similar appearances to past games, like Diablo 2, and Planescape: Torment, it’s a unique turn-based RPG. The artwork is lovely, gameplay engaging, and the action-influence adds a neat element. All actions have tangible in-game outcomes, which you’ll quickly learn.


Choosing just five was admittedly difficult, so I opted for a few games that are often on sale. A few runner up picks: Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect, and Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries. The Tex Murphy franchise spans six games, and Tesla Effect embodies all the delightful hilarity, and post-apocalyptic cyberpunk of the previous five releases. Red Hood on the other hand is a demented fairy tale in the same vein of American McGee’s Alice, and boasts controller support. Playing in bed for the win.

Got a Kickstarter funded games suggestion? Something I missed? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter!

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  • PanurgeJr

    Shovel Knight. You missed Shovel Knight.

    • Personally I’d remove Gabriel Knight and add Darkest Dungeon instead.

  • I don’t see why you limited it to five, you should easily be able to make a top ten, for games that have already been released from a previous crowdfunding campaign.

    • Top ten would definitely be an easy list. Top twenty would be pretty straight forward as well I think, and allow for non big name games.

  • Technical Gabriel Knight was funded by Activision but offered as a second game to backers. Moebius, on the other hand, was the game that was crowdfunded by Jane.

  • Jovan

    Games that are missing and I feel they did right and should be played(not including Early Access and not including Darkest Dungeon and Shovel Knight)

    The Banner Saga(shocked this wasnt included)
    Catlatheral Damage
    Pillars of Eternity
    Our Darkest Purpose
    Hot Tin Roof(very underrated)
    Lords of Xulima
    AR-K Great Escape(AR-K original is bad)
    Quest for Infamy
    The Escapist
    Prison Architect
    Whispering Willows
    The Red Solstice
    Sunless Sea
    Among the Sleep
    Tabletop Simulator

  • Or you can help out an Autistic gamer having a rough time! (Not me)


  • Sean

    I’ve played the first two (although the Gabriel Knight one was the old version)

    Wasteland and Stasis are on my “must get someday….eventually” list.

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