If you’re on this site you have doubtlessly read about countless quality games that have received funding through Kickstarter and similar mediums. But for every great game that has come out of Kickstarter there’s a few not-so-great ones. There are disappointments and games that never quite got off the ground, of course, but then there are these gems.  So without further ado, two games that most definitely will be completely successful and totally aren’t kickstarter scams.

Admittedly, I haven’t played the 1992 horror game Alone in the Dark. If you also missed out on this spooky classic, fear not- “developer” Amitabh Dayal 🙂 has your back. He and his team (whose jobs he described to us poor laymen who can’t figure out what a “game designer” is) will be updating the game using modern technology. And all it takes to fund this project will be something to the tune of… one million dollars. Yes, really. Curious what this revamped version of the game will look like? Me too! Unfortunately the preview video is simply a speed run of the original game, starting with the title screen and a very sad ©1992 at the bottom. Charming.kickstarter scams

Maybe horror games aren’t something that interest you. If prefer adventuring and fantasy and can understand German, perhaps you should take a look at The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Sword. What? One of Nintendo’s longest running and most successful series is on Kickstarter? And being developed by a one man team in Germany? Don’t worry, “developer” Sebastian Kraatz knows that copyright laws are… you know, a thing. According to him, this little issue has already been taken care of, and he’s just waiting to hear back from Nintendo. Sadly there isn’t a video preview for this game, but he says there is a demo, and on the Kickstarter page there is a link to… something. I wouldn’t advise downloading that. This project has a much less ambitious goal of roughly $2,200. Oh, and the game is being made with Unity, for those who are curious.

Of these two obviously quality games, only one has received any funding. Alone in the Dark has been backed by one person: a generous donation of $22. Twilight Sword hasn’t been so lucky, but there are still 28 days to go for both kickstarter scams campaigns. What could possibly go wrong for these games?

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