The Seed really has had a rough time during the course of its development. It was due out in 2014 but didn’t hit that target, but kept working. If nothing else The Seed is an example of the tenacity of developers on Kickstarter. Despite overshooting its £15k goal and hitting nearly £21k ($30k) in funding back in August, the developers announced they’d exhausted their funding, but would keep working. It doesn’t look like it’ll be long until we see the fruit of their labour.

The Seed

The developers have been hard at work optimizing The Seed’s code making it 20% better and at least 50% cooler.

The latest update shows some real positive progress on the project. The vast majority of the chapters and ending are apparently finished. The update also seemed to indicate development has entered the optimization and refining stage which is promising. It has definitely been hard financially for the developers so I’m really happy to see them approaching the end of development. There were even a few new pictures tacked on to the end of the update so definitely check it out.

The Seed

109/127 Chapter Written. 25/32 Endings Completed

Released on the same day as the update there was also an interview with the author. It’s an interesting read so I won’t spoil it for you. I was particularly interested in what a standard novelist would think of visual novels as a creative medium. What are your thoughts about The Seed’s development? What do you think of the developers and their choices? Comment down below and don’t forget to check out our previous coverage of the game.

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