Last we heard about The Seed, this post-apocalyptic visual novel come RPG from Misery Dev, the developers were out of money. There were mentions of a break in and loss of data that had left us all wondering what would become of this atmospheric little project. Personally, I didn’t expect to be seeing progress so soon. Back in August 2015, the developers declared that there was still 20% of the game left to be finished and vowed to keep working. They seemed optimistic despite their grievances and assured backers they’d be able to pull through.

The Seed

Gritty Realistic Environments Galore.

The developers have worked through the holidays and don’t plan on losing any momentum. In fact, the developers think they will have all of their chapters done in just a few short months. In light of the events that slowed the project’s progress, people have pulled together to help. They have had the help of a magnificent freelance photographer Ilina Cvetkova who is related to the lead programmer of The Seed. She has submitted real pictures of broken a desolated places to be added into the game for players to explore.


This certainly seems like a step toward the finishing line. The Seed has its own Greenlight page and most commenters seem cautiously excited. There is an unfortunate headline of ‘Misogynistic Game Design?’ due to the fact that the developers didn’t bend over backwards to bubblewrap the reality of their dark world for the easily triggered, but that’s not going to stop me buying it. Reading the little piece actually makes me a lot more excited for the game because I now know that it is going to focus on realism above political correctness, something I respect very much as someone who grew up a before gaming became so political.

All in all, the dedication and effort the developers have shown have contributed to my interest in the game. This clearly isn’t just for the money to them, and that is something I respect. Do you plan on picking up a copy of The Seed?

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