Shadowrunners rejoice as the promised “bonus campaign” for Shadowrun: Hong Kong is now available to everyone who either backed the Kickstarter or bought the game after release. Dubbed “Shadows of Hong Kong”, this expansion of sorts takes place not long after the events of the main game and even allows you to import a high Karma character from there. The one caveat, according to the update, is that you’ll have to have completed the already existing content to access the new story. The game’s been out long enough that most people who’ve been interested should have already beaten the original campaign.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

For those who haven’t played Shadowrun: Hong Kong yet you can check out my review. When you’re done and you’re as excited as I am about the new content then do yourself a favor and get it yourself. The new content will have you continue to work against the corporations that had been hunting you previously and hopefully you’ve made a name for yourself in the intervening period. For me, though, I’m bringing my Dwarf hacker/rigger out of retirement for one more run.

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