It is clearly obvious that we have taken much more time than we wanted to develop Gate of Memories.”

That’s how Anima: Gate of Memories most recent update begins. With an original release estimate of November 2014, it’s fair to say 16 months is a bit late, yes. But with that in mind, the developers have announced that they’re almost ready to announce a release date!


I’m being a bit facetious here. Developer Cedric Delobelle did say he and his team are aiming for the first week of June, but declined to give an exact date. The reason he didn’t give an exact date is because it might release sooner, because making that promise always works out.

The biggest news out of this update is that the game will get a simultaneous launch. It’ll release for Windows, PS4, and Xbox One on the same day, with a possible Wii U version coming later (if at all).

The main Kickstarter page also says the game will release on Mac and Linux, thought they weren’t mentioned in this latest update.

The Bearer is the character we mainly control, who is the gateway for Ergo to visit the world of Gaia.

Longtime Kickstarter users shouldn’t have any problem with the long delay between the initial release and the real date. Kickstarter makes it clear that the initial release estimate is just that, a guess. What you really matters are frequent updates, which Anima received almost every month since it was funded.

Who knows how good the game will be, but if this new release date holds up, Anima seems like it was a well-run campaign. I really appreciate the honestly by the developer for saying how long the game took, and acknowledging it early in the update.

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