Twin Otter Studios’ has set some ambitious goals with their Kickstarter for Arcadian Atlas. Artistically it looks like a spiritual successor to successful JRPG’s of yesteryear with gorgeous 2D isometric artwork. The soundtrack promises to be equally impressive with melody-driven recurring musical themes and motifs. The sister and brother dev team have pulled out all the stops to make the world of Arcadian Atlas lovingly handcrafted down to the smallest detail.

Arcadian Atlas

There is a heavy emphasis on the complex characters as their stories unfold during the course of the game. Each of the four main characters will have different motives and passions which will fuel the choices they make. When everyone is fighting for the thing they love most, how do you choose sides?

For anyone worried that Arcadian Atlas is planning to sacrifice gameplay for the sake of story, there is plenty to indicate that Twin Otter knows their stuff when it comes to tactics-based combat. The winning strategy changes with the weather and terrain. Grinding combat points won’t save your friends if you aren’t paying attention to the field of battle. You must alter your strategy to fit the battle, each time. Most importantly, in Arcadian Atlas, your class choices matter. Each skill is promised to be useful and necessary, no throw away points here.


Arcadian Atlas is seeking $90,000 to meet its funding goal so its developers can release a planned 10 hour experience in early 2018. Tier rewards run from the standard copy of the finished game through several levels of both physical and digital rewards to entice potential backers. Even with the expected nearly 2 year lead time, looking over all the planned details makes the project seem immense. No stretch goals have been announced yet, but the devs have indicated that they would like to double their goal so they can double their content with expanded story missions, side quests, customization options, and more classes/skills. 

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