Arcadian Atlas is a 2D tactical RPG coming to Kickstarter in a few months. It’s being developed by brother and sister duo Becca and Taylor Bair, also known as Twin Otter Studios. Expect to see it on PC, Mac and iOS in Late 2017 if all goes well.

Arcadian Atlas

It features beautifully hand-painted isometric artwork which is very reminiscent (in a good way) of Final Fantasy Tactics. The game will have a job system which governs which skills your characters can learn. Hopefully this will work something like the early Final Fantasy games where you could swap jobs out and develop skills in different areas.

Back in December, development on Arcadian Atlas switched from RPG Maker VX Ace to MV and the difference is considerable as the mock-up below demonstrates.

Arcadian Atlas

Arcadian Atlas is due to hit Kickstarter sometime between April 5th and May 9th. It’s already up on Steam Greenlight Concepts so head over if you want to give them some encouragement.

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