Undertale‘s official merchandise distributor, Fangamer.com, has just updated their available swag. We knew there’d be new shirts, but the tarot cards pre-orders for Undertale figurines were a welcomed surprise, along with the long awaited Toriel Plush. Interestingly enough, for $1, there’s an “enhanced version.” While it may sound a bit mysterious to those who haven’t played or finished the game with a perfect, ending, I have some spoiler images that may help solve the puzzle:


If this is what it sounds like, it would really solidify Mettaton’s name.

For those who are unaware, Fangamer is run by most of the same people who helped start and run Starmen.net, the site Undertale creator Toby Fox frequented as “Radiation” while making fan hacks of Earthbound. Fangamer also Kickstarted an Earthbound themed specialty set for those of us who haven’t quite forgotten the original cult classic that helped inspire young Fox.


Update: We’ve reached out to Fangamer about their “enhancement,” and were told that:

The Toriel Enhancement Pack is an extra surprise for those who order it and will not alter the appearance of your plush in any way–Toriel will be just as cute as ever.

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