As the Kickstarter campaign for One Tower enters its final 48 hours, the official nonstop stream to count down the final stretch before the campaign officially ends on a triumphant note has begun. Thus far the game has surpassed it’s $24,000 funding goal by a little over $2,600, meaning that the stream should be quite celebratory in nature.  If you haven’t already, why don’t you go check out the article we wrote about One Tower last month while you’re waiting for that stream to load and see what you’ve missed out on.


In addition to partying and merriment, the developers will also be doing some giveaways during the stream as well, in fact I’m listening to the stream as I write this and just heard something about a $10 League of Legends card. The description I found also promises “tons of giveaways (gaming gear, game cards, and other loot) and planned activities including challenging our devs to your favorite games.”

The game is on Steam Greenlight right now and has an estimated delivery date of May 2016.

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