Gibbous’ Kickstarter campaign is coming to a close in roughly a week, and it definitely looks on pace to meet its Fr 39,270 goal, especially if there’s the usual surge in funding in the home stretch of the campaign. Developed by a team from Transylvania, Romania (yes, where the vampires roam), the comedy cosmic horror point and click adventure rooted in the Lovecraft genre is appealing and looks to be a solid investment—whether you’re familiar with Lovecraft or not so much. Everybody loves demos, and what’s more, everybody loves an enjoyable and stable demo that shows off the potential of the full game. Gibbous’ demo is both of those things, with very few bugs and filled with hilarious dialogue, as we mentioned in our recent hands-on preview from Serena Nelson. It sure doesn’t hurt that the demo is front and center on the Kickstarter page either, and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Penguin OSX. Ok, I know it’s Linux, but still.


The trailer is equally funny and the developers are likable, with their banter adding a personal touch. The vibrant artwork jumps out at you from the get-go, and more than that, it looks totally different than all the other campaigns running this month. Gibbous is practically screaming for your attention. Their most recent update includes a quick video F.A.Q., along with some special shoutouts to other projects on the go, including LUNA, which was funded a few days ago! You can track the progress of Gibbous in our campaign calendar.

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