Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for creativity and that Nintendo should expand upon my favorite franchises. However, a big part of how they were able to bring the video game market back from the dead after the Crash of 1983 was savvy marketing and quality assurance.

nintendomoba1I haven’t played League of Legends myself and haven’t even crossed over into MOBA territory personally, but many of my friends have. And as much they’d love to see a Smash Bros. inspired MOBA, only Nintendo could do it any justice. And that’s why I say, with a heavy heart, that campaigns like David Henson’s should not exist.

Fan projects have been attempted in the past using Nintendo properties and every single one of them were shut down. The most recent to get the axe was an awesome looking 3D browser remake of Legend of Zelda. Though some may consider Nintendo’s policy on fan-made games overbearing, the reason is clear: quality retention.


Gaze upon this monstrosity, and the reason becomes clear.

Upon researching developer David Henson some more, there isn’t much information available online. If the bio information on the Kickstarter page is to be believed, he is only 19 and hasn’t had any other projects prior to this one. This whole campaign could either be an elaborate ruse, or simply the musings of a possibly brilliant, yet naive developer.

If I were to sit down with David right now, I’d recommend that he continue developing his craft, but with his own or free-to-use assets. Take the high road, David, and keep at it.

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