It is hard to tell just exactly why a game gets added or rejected by a digital distribution platform like, but it’s always good to see when one does get put up. In the case of Cyberpunk RPG Dex they’ve had a really hard time getting them to add it to their library. Until now that is. The original reasoning behind said rejection was due to “mixed reviews”, as we covered previously, but why the change of heart now?


Dex will be made available on GoG in its special edition, which includes the soundtrack, new art book and other bonus materials.

Based on what little I know about how the above distributor handles what they add and don’t add, which is admittedly not a lot, it could mean anything. Perhaps it’s due to Dex finally releasing its “expanded content”, but either way I’m glad to see it finally on GoG as it’s my second favorite right after Steam.

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