You’ll remember that back in February I was pretty darn excited about Failure, a cyberpunk genre mash-up. An RTS game that felt like the love child of Accel World and Tron that just seemed awesome. When it failed I was pretty sad, I was really hoping to be backing a winner. However, I think I was!


You can’t fail if you keep trying

So Failure may have disappeared from Kickstarter, but I have been monitoring its newsletter and the latest news makes me smile. The team is still working on the game, polishing and improving the progression of the story and such, but forget that for a second; They’ve managed to get an investor. This is big news in my opinion if someone is willing to put their money on the line that probably means they can see profits in the future. I’ll admit I was a little worried when they seemingly dropped off Social Media, but it turns out they have been pretty darn busy. Failure having an investor is great news, but not only that, the team seem to be hard at work on a VR prototype for the game. According to the Newsletter, they got to meet up with some publishers, including Sony, Sega, Kiss, Curve Digital, and BBC World Wide. They managed to cultivate some interest and a lot of it fell on the prospect of this game being playable in VR.

You may remember that initially the VR was going to come out after the Steam release. This might not end up being the case if the interest is persistently on the VR elements. One of the developers mentioned how meta the VR experience is:

“you’ll be wearing a VR device to access a game where your playing as a Slicer (Hacker) who’s wearing a VR device in-game to access a virtual world…all a bit Inception like!”-Justin French, Creative Director of the Failure Kickstarter

So you can count me cautiously excited. I love seeing a failed Kickstarter land back on its feet! What do you think about Failure getting an investor? What are your prediction for VR on Kickstarter? Comment down below and don’t forget to share this piece if you love it!

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