After releasing an ill-advised trailer last week for Mighty No. 9, developer Comcept and publisher Deep Silver have released another trailer for the game. This one claims to be more honest and open with its intention and act as a sort of apology for the prior trailer. That being said, there is no apology in this one for the joke about crying like an anime fan, or how generally mediocre the game looks despite the money and talent behind it.

You can watch this trailer for yourself, which they’re calling “Masterclassless,” interestingly, down below.

I must admit I do appreciate their honesty this time around, though I’m sure some people won’t approve of the language used by the narrator. Still, the game does look awesome and they say something about bubble-wrap, so it must be great.

*This video is a parody, I’m pretty sure you know that, but it’s hard to tell with how un-funny it is. I just wanted to cover my bases. Maybe if we say it’s funny you’ll laugh like a Comcept employee on the night this Kickstarter was funded?

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