It’s hard to believe a game with as much potential as Mighty No. 9 can garnish so much scorn. A common problem for indie games is inexperience, due to new developers. Mighty No. 9, with its boasts of the leadership of Keiji Inafune and the talent of Capcom veterans, shouldn’t have this problem. Yet the game has been plagued with all the same problems, including delays and backers not getting their rewards. In the latest move by the Mighty No. 9 team, the newly released trailer has gotten nearly ten times as many dislikes as likes. So what exactly went wrong here?mighty no. 9

The graphics aren’t up to par with expectations. From a distance and during most of the gameplay shown, they seem passible, but whenever the camera zooms in on the characters’ Ash Ketchum-esque faces I cringe. With the same repetitive gamplay shown over and over, the trailer manages to feel tedious and overly long, even though it lasts less than two minutes. On top of all of that is the narration.

Between the music that felt more at home in 2003 and the cheap explosion effects is possibly the most obnoxious voice over I’ve ever heard. I hate to say it, but the old adage of “show, don’t tell,” could really benefit this train wreck. Don’t tell me “Hey, this game is AWESOME,” show me what makes it a worthwhile experience. To the ad’s credit, combos and power-ups are mentioned, but it doesn’t even feel like the narrator’s heart is into the annoying bragging. If the guy selling this can’t get into the idea of playing, how am I supposed to?mighty no. 9

When it comes down to it, if you talk a big game, backers are going to expect a big game. It isn’t surprising that some people were let down when expectations for the game were so high, but it’s a disservice to fans to screw up on so many different levels. Whether the game can live up to its developer’s reputation in spite of numerous missteps still remains to be seen, but the trailer doesn’t inspire much confidence.

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