Hot on the heels of Mighty No. 9’s release (and the already mediocre reviews) this week’s episode of Kicked! is all about the gray and blue bomber. Or the blue and gray bomber, or even grey and blue if you’re feeling frisky.

In all the talk about developer Comcept and lead designer Keiji Inafune’s countless mistake’s and missteps through this game’s development, everyone’s seem to have forgotten there’s an actual game underneath it all. To serve as a refresher, we took a look back at the Kickstarter campaign itself to see how far the game  has progressed.

How close is the final product to what was pitched? You may or may not be surprised to hear the answer is “not very.” Original mock-ups showed the game in full 2D with a gorgeous art style. Yet the final game has a drab and lifeless 2.5D look. The gameplay is different as well, with the transformation mechanic originally pitched being removed almost completely in favor of a melee dash combo system.

Just about the only thing Inafune has been able to get away with this entire time is the documentary series that was promised. It’s only just now getting released after all these years, presumably delayed due to the game itself stalling and the negative feedback. Only now is it finally coming out, and the timing of its release made recording this episode particularly difficult.

If nothing else, we finally get to stop hearing about this absolute disaster of a project. Maybe the Mighty No. 9 cartoon series, the movie, the sequel, and novelty pencil sharpeners will be better.


Josh Griffiths

Josh Griffiths

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Josh Griffiths