After months without updates,  Paul Zakrzewski, the man behind Void Destroyer, has posted news about the planned sequel. The first Void Destroyer, a hybrid of space combat and real-time strategy, ran a successful campaign and the developer released the game in January 2015. Though Kickstarter marked the sequel with the “Projects We Love” seal of approval, the second game couldn’t attract as much funding. In spite of this, Zakrzewski continued to work on the game. The demo for Void Destroyer 2 is now on Steam. voiddestroyer22

The developer last posted updates about the game in November of last year. The updates urged backers to share the new trailer with friends to gain funding. At the time, backers had only funded fifty percent of the goal. In the end, the game never attracted the backers it needed, and the developer announced that funding had been unsuccessful. While the failed campaign must have been discouraging, Paul pledged to continue the project. But after months of silence, the future of the game looked uncertain. voiddestroyer21

Paul quietly continued to work on Void Destroyer 2. The new updates contain details about the demo now live on Steam. The demo uses the pre-alpha build and contains 2-3 hours of gameplay. Zakrzewski also announced that he plans to open early access in the near future, hopefully in the next two months. For future plans, the developer says that polishing the game and adding more missions will be the focus. It’s encouraging to see work on the game continuing, and the commitment on Void Destroyer 2 in spite of a few missteps. It shows that a few failures don’t always mean the end for a game.

If Void Destoyer’s failed campaign disappointed you, you can download the demo here.

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