Best Buds vs Bad Guys is a bit of heartwarming Kickstarter. The creators behind the game are a father-son team who want to prove that being on the autistic spectrum won’t hold them back from their dreams. Their current game is a run and gun platformer where you play as two buds blasting their way to freedom through a bunch of cool levels. I spied one with a pink frosted doughnut and I was sold. I don’t really play run and gun arcade style games, but I threw my bucks in for Best Buds vs Bad Guys just because it gave me the feels.

Best Buds vs Bad Guys
You had me at Doughnuts

It’s a pretty low goal of £4,500 and is actually their second Kickstarter. The first Kickstarter was called Life of a Pixel and was launched in 2013. It did not come close to its goal and the Kickstarter was cancelled. It is worth mentioning they still created and produced that game and it is available for purchase. That boosts my trust a bit, often when I back projects like this I don’t expect anything to come out of it. However, I actually have high expectations of Best Buds vs Bad Guys. The Kickstarter mentions that their team has 45 years combined experience and that the bulk of the development has already been done for Best Buds vs Bad Guys.

Best Buds Vs Bad Guys

I’m not just backing it because I think it is cute. I watched the gameplay video on the Kickstarter page before I read anything. It looks like a solidly put together game in that retro style so many people love. What do you think of this project? Do you think it will prove anything if it is successful?


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Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith

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Stephanie Smith