Guess who’s back on Kickstarter? If you answered AJ Tilley then give yourself a gold star and a pat on the back. About a week ago, the Echo Tokyo campaign I had previously covered was canceled, only to be met with a new one practically right away. To date, this is the eighth Kickstarter in total just for this one game, which is more than any other project that I can think of.

Echo Tokyo

That Dharker Studio, presumably still affiliated with AJ Tilley, continues to make bold moves like this just baffles me. Between all of their projects and campaigns, I’ve tallied over two dozen, practically triple of the next highest “serial campaigner” I can think of. That Echo Tokyo has essentially become their flagship for total attempts “to the well” speaks even more about them. I’m frankly getting tired of hearing about them returning every few weeks or so with some project or another.

Echo Tokyo

That said, the previous Echo Tokyo campaign looked like it should have been on track to get funded. So, why decide to cancel it and relaunch right away with a lower goal? Honestly, I’ve stopped trying to wrap my head around AJ Tilley’s decision making and stopped asking.

Still, it must have worked. As of the writing of this article, they’re almost funded with two weeks left. It does make me wonder how Dharker Studio and AJ Tilley manage to get practically every campaign they don’t cancel funded.

I do know one thing, though: Echo Tokyo needs to release. With this many attempts to get funded (half of them canceled) and with the time it’s taking to get it made, it had better be a great game too.

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