Quick, what do a creepy doll, killer clown, murderous teddy bear, and a sociopath all have in common? Besides being the stuff of nightmare fuel, this delightful cast of characters is what awaits you in Witchkin.

Set in rural Texas of the 1920s, Witchkin is a “hide-n-sneak” horror title by Coven Games. Seeking $12,000 over on Kickstarter, the game has already gained some attention at previous conventions. Now, in addition to its Steam Greenlight Campaign, Witchkin is ready to introduce potential backers to Marcy.

(Insert screaming)

Playing as a child trapped in a house of terrifying toys, the player must progress from the basement to the attic to find their missing sister. A different deadly toy haunts each floor. Each has its own unique abilities and mechanics to hunt the player down. Witchkin is about hiding and avoidance. Only by being aware of your surroundings, lighting, and even the sound of your own breathing, can you hope to survive.

The layout of the house is procedurally generated, so each playthrough will have a different, sepia-toned map to navigate. The items and hiding places will also change so it’s never safe to let your guard down. The grainy black-and-white horror film aesthetic is a real treat, building dread and tension rather than relying on gore to terrify.

Based On A True Story?

Witchkin isn’t just a horrifying game of hide-n-seek. It incorporates the legend of the Candy Lady, Clara Crane, which the player uncovers as they progress. Crane used poison caramels to murder her husband and was believed to be responsible for the disappearance of several children after her release.

What a lovely murder house you have

What a lovely murder house you have

Local children later claimed to have received gifts of candy on their windowsills. Sometimes these treats would be accompanied by notes inviting them to come play at the house of the Candy Lady.

Kickstarter backers will get access to the Witchkin demo this December, with a full PC release anticipated for August of 2017. In addition to keyboard and controller options, the game is also being developed for Oculus Rift. This will let VR players actually step inside Witchkin’s house of horrors.

Meanwhile, I’ll be over here, where it’s safe and old-timey things aren’t trying to murder my face off. Go ahead and add Witchkin to the growing list of games I’m looking forward to watching someone else play.

(Ed: we’ve added the terrifying Witchkin to our Kickstarter curator page, check out it and the other titles we’ve selected at http://kickstarter.com/cliqist.)

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