Does the prospect of taking control of a gun-toting dragon in an old-school ‘run & gun’ game intrigue you? Then go and download the demo for Dragon Bros RIGHT NOW. You’ll most likely blitz through the variety of stages on offer and instantly crave some more. I’m just confused as to why developer, Space Lizard Studios, have chosen to hide the link for the demo right at the bottom of their Kickstarter page.

Apart from that odd decision, the Kickstarter for Dragon Bros is looking pretty sweet. The pitch video is brief but bombastic and ably shows off the 2D pixel graphics. More gameplay clips show off the giant guns and explosions as up to two dragons take on army of robots. For me the guns are the real stars though – giant satisfying lasers and shotguns that propel your character backwards with every shot fired.

Metal Slug Meets… Bubble Bobble?

Metal Slug is named as an obvious inspiration for Dragon Bros, but strangely Bubble Bobble is as well. Presumably just because it’s another game that features dragons. And of course like Bubble Bobble these dragons can’t fly – but they make up for it with rolls, stomps and some damn cool jackets.

Dragon Bros

Dragon Bros looks to be first commercial game from the four-man team that make up Space Lizard Studios. Their previous games don’t seem to be anything to shout about, but they’re certainly impressing with this one. The game has already been Greenlit on Steam and entered Early Access back on September 16th. Reaction so far has been very positive and they’ve also impressed the community by releasing several quick-fire patches. These not only fixed bugs but also took into consideration the feedback they’d received to make gameplay adjustments.

Dragon Bros

With a modest £10,000 ($12,300) target and 10% of that reached in the first day, Dragon Bros shouldn’t have any problems getting funded. Eager backers can also look forward to getting their rewards very soon. All pledge levels include a Steam key for Early Access as soon as the Kickstarter campaign finishes. Meanwhile the game itself is apparently due to be ready by December 2016.

(Ed: We’ve added the promising Dragon Bros to our Kickstarter curation page.  Visit it at

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