We’ve been making a fuss over Tiny Bull Studio’s gamebook styled RPG, Omen Exitio: Plague, going so far as to award it Cliqist’s coveted Game of the Week status. Now it looks like everyone will finally get the chance to see what all the fuss has been about.

Pick Your Path

As their Kickstarter campaign nears the home-stretch, Tiny Bull has just released a playable prototype over on Gamejolt. Set a few weeks before the events of Omen Exitio: Plague, the prototype offers a glimpse at the mythos and gameplay mechanics backers can expect in the final game. The themes and mood are the same, but the story will focus on different characters.


The developers stress that the current build of the prototype is still very much a work in progress. There are areas that are incomplete with missing graphics and patched-in, royalty free, sound. Still it should provide some insight into the inner workings and flow of gameplay. Tiny Bull plans to add an update in the coming weeks to fully implement the story of the prologue and patch a few bugs. This will give players a more complete look at Omen Exitio’s story.

Omen Exitio: Plague is currently just shy of their $3,269 funding goal on Kickstarter, but with over a week remaining that shouldn’t be a problem. Fans can also vote for the game on Steam Greenlight or download and play the prototype demo.

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