After a troll cost them their first campaign, 2Awesome Studio immediately bounced back with another Kickstarter for their comic-style space adventure, Dimension Drive. In an update, the dev’s showed off some of the newly added options and features before hinting at a release date early next year.

New And Improved

Since their showing at Gamescom, 2Awesome has been busy molding the different levels of Dimension Drive into a cohesive gaming experience. This includes novelties like menu screens and options. More notably they’ve added in-level dialogue to further the story’s integration. The HUD also got revamped and a few new abilities added to the last world.


Despite the significant progress they’ve been making, the update has shot down any hope of a late 2016 release.

“As the end of the year draws closer we realize that this is going to be impossible.”

Instead the team has decided to postpone launch plans until early in Q1 of 2017. This decision will allow 2Awesome to cultivate a proper marketing and PR campaign for Dimension Drive, prior to its launch.


On the road to release, the team has been posting bi-weekly updates over on the Dimension Drive Steam page. Backers will have to wait until the next update for an “official” release date, but things seem to be progressing swiftly.

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