Raven Sword Industries began as part of the game development program at Algonquin College in Canada. After working on Project Orion for a year and a half, the newly graduated devs decided to continue development. They took to Kickstarter to secure the funds needed to complete their game. Hoping to distance themselves from other similarly named (and somewhat controversial titles) they have decided to rename the project Arkin.

“Recently, this (other) game garnered significant media and community attention, and regardless of what the proverb says, there is such thing as bad publicity,” the update explained.

Since Project Orion had originally been a placeholder name, Raven Sword decided it would be better to just rename their project before going any further with development. Arkin are a race of hostile aliens which threaten the survival of humanity. Since so little is known of the Arkin’s true nature or motivations the name lends an air of mystery and foreboding to the game.

Fighting The Unknown

As the pilot of the Orion, the player is humanity’s best hope against this mysterious race. They will have control of an advanced squadron of fighters during intense, large-scale battles.

The new trailer shows off the rebranded game with a little peek at how the project is progressing. They will also release a new Alpha 0.3.4 build for testers soon. Hopefully this will be the boost Arkin needs to secure its own audience.

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