Project Orion, is a space shooter that is currently being developed by Raven Sword Industries. The project was successfully funded back in June but has faced a series of delays from the get go.

The Project Orion team recently released an update on their Kickstarter’s page that indicates the game’s release date has been pushed out indefinitely. Backers were expecting the game to be released early in Janaury, but Raven Sword Industries has plainly declared that this will not be the case. The game “…will be released as soon as it is ready and not before then…” unfortunately, we have no idea when that is.

Project Orion

Project Orion always seemed ambitious.

We know that what we wanted to create with Project Orion is extremely ambitious, unfortunately to the point that we had very little idea of what we were committing to. “

While it is fairly disappointing, it is not overly unexpected. The time constraints always seemed more than a little ambitious and the game is already set to be split into two parts which to me was a sign delays were coming. Despite the disappointment, we all know that this is better in the long run. I know I’d rather have a working game later than an incomplete one now.

Project Orion

How long will we have to wait?

The second thing announced was a change in the update schedule for the game. The developers have been trying to keep backers regularly updated on the progress of Project Orion. However, now that the bulk of the groundwork is down it is hard to make updates as interesting. To combat this Raven Sword has decided to shift their bi-weekly updates to monthly updates. This will help keep the quality of the updates up, and give them more to write about.

I do have to wonder how many updates we can be expecting before the game’s release? How long will we need to wait?

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