Despite setting a hard release date for April 2016, You Are Not The Hero hasn’t shown much development progress this year. This planned release date has long since passed, but only two updates have been added since that time. This isn’t particularly reassuring for backers.

You Are Not The Hero was funded on Kickstarter for $90,776, way back in November of 2013. At the time, developer Donn Manalili was planning to wrap up development by Fall of 2014. Backers were given a Steam Early Access build, but the game hasn’t seen much progress since then. When the hard release date was set, complete with a fleshed out timeline back in January, backers were just happy to hear the project was still moving along.

By now months of waiting have morphed into years. Updates from the developer are fewer and further apart. Some of the 3,424 backers who helped fund the project have begun to wonder if they will ever see a final release. Manalili’s most recent update doesn’t do much to convince them.

An Update On The Lack Of Updates

Posted on December 9th, Manalili quickly apologizes to backers for the communication lapses throughout the year. He explained that he’d put off posting updates in the hopes of having more to talk about. “There’s nothing less satisfying than reading an update that basically says ‘nothing much has changed’ which is why I’ve been procrastinating posting anything for the past year.”

This tactic has unfortunately left many backers unsure if the game was still being worked on. A fear which Manalili addressed by promising to make either weekly or biweekly updates on the game’s progress, regardless of if anything significant had occurred.

“I am liable to you all as backers, so please remind me as often as you can. I don’t check KS often, so Facebook is the most reliable way to reach out to me.”

Backer responses to the promised update schedule have been mixed. There are, as usual, well wishers who are just pleased to finally get an update on the project. Still, there are plenty who feel that the update is just too little, too late.

The update did feature some screenshots, but as one backer pointed out, they didn’t indicate recent progress. Understandably, it will take more than the continued promise of future dedication to sway backers who feel they’ve been far too patient for far too little payoff.

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