There aren’t a lot of fun looking edutainment games out there. However, sometimes one comes along that makes you want to look closer at it. With Crescent Loom, it looks like an enjoyable life-creating sim. Even if the base goal only covers an open world sandbox experience, it still nevertheless looks like it’ll be fun to play.

Crescent Loom

There’s not a whole lot of story to Crescent Loom, but that’s all right. The gameplay, from what I can tell, is still a great way to get players into learning how parts of the body works. You build life out of “bones” and “muscles”. You breathe life into it by giving it a neural pathway to move about. This is certainly a unique way to play a game, and it looks like a massive amount of fun.

Crescent Loom

The base goal, as stated, is only for the sandbox portion of Crescent Loom. If the first stretch goal, set at about double the base, is reached then we should see an actual campaign be made. Even if it doesn’t, the video and screenshots are enough to make anyone interested in life sims take a look.

Crescent Loom

I love a game with a unique angle, and Crescent Loom is certainly one that fits that bill. It’s sort of a sequel to the creator’s previous game. Unfortunately, I haven’t played that one so I can’t comment on the tie-in. However, it does look like it will easily stand on its own whether you’ve played the other one or not. There is a demo to try out if you’re interested, though.

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