Aegis: Innocence is a 2D platformer action RPG developed by Stasis Soft. The project recently launched on Kickstarter seeking $60,000 in funding. It focuses on challenging gameplay, rich combat, and exploration. It also happens to be kind of adorable.

Thousands of years ago a new world of darkness was born to contain the horrors of mankind’s dreams. Guardians appeared to protect humanity from their nightmares, taking on the form of comfort items; dolls, wood carvings, and even teddy bears.

As a guardian teddy, players are tasked with defending their human from the nightmares trying to drain their energy. One night the forces of darkness overwhelm you, leaving your human on the brink of death. Duty bound, you must travel ever onward to set things right.

More Than Meets The Eye

For such a simple premise the combat looks surprisingly well-thought out. Players will have access to a variety of attacks to be executed in multiple directions. They can even evade and block enemy attacks with multiple weapon types. In true RPG style, players can build a character to fit their play-style through talent and skill trees. The campaign also promises different endings, depending on your actions.

As nice as that sounds (and it sounds pretty solid) the true charm of Aegis: Innocence is in its pixel art graphics. Rather than cutting corners and relying on 2D skeletal animations, Stasis Soft went fully traditional with sprite sheets. This makes for smooth and whimsical gameplay.

Still, as much as I want to love this game the trailer doesn’t do much to inspire. Rather than focus on any of the game mechanics we’re just show a number of backgrounds and only a brief glimpse at our hero. Platformers rely heavily on building a fan base around their protagonists, so this oversight, in combination with a none too tiny funding goal could make things difficult for Aegis: Innocence.

The project is being developed for release on PC in 2018. You can also show support by voting for Aegis: Innocence on Steam Greenlight.

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