I love a good queer game, especially if it’s on the more adult side of storytelling. I’ll admit I’m far from a prude. I’ve enjoyed plenty of “H-games” in my time, after all. So, when Alpha’s Adventures was suggested to me by Kickstarter I decided to take a look at it. I have to admit that what little I’ve seen I found titillating.

Alpha's Adventures

The actual story isn’t really discussed much in the pitch. In fact, there’s no video to speak of. However, the little bit they do have on the main page is enough for me to want to know more. Alpha’s Adventures is essentially the tale of a lesbian out to get together with other women. The kicker is that each path is in a different storytelling genre. For example, one is a “slice of life” story while another is hard sci-fi. You pick your girl and you’re off to the races.

What I love most about Alpha’s Adventures is that each of the four girls covered have their own plot and are independent of each other. Once all four routes are completed a fifth special one looks like it unlocks for more yuri fun. I really like the idea behind this one, and that it’s a more risque title has me considering backing the game.

Alpha's Adventures

Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot to go on with Alpha’s Adventures. Thankfully, there’s a demo to try out and I intend to do so. Once I get an idea of what to expect, I’ll know better if I want to back it or not. Be warned, though, as one of the routes does have nudity. Not that it hasn’t stopped me from enjoying a game before.

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