Daymare: 1998 had been shaping up to be an authentic tribute to classic survival horror games of the 1990s. But there was one aspect that felt distinctly modern – the camera viewpoint. The over-the-shoulder perspective had been in vogue since Resident Evil 4, but several backers had expressed disappointment that the developers hadn’t opted for a fixed camera perspective. Well their cries have been answered as Invader Studios have announced that a ‘retro’ fixed camera mode will be available as well.

Daymare: 1998

This news was revealed in the first creator update, only two days after the start of the campaign. Predictably the reaction in the backer comments section is one of delight. However there have been questions about how gameplay will differ using this camera mode. Invader Studios have indicated they will provide further details in future updates. Presumably the two different camera modes will result in very different gameplay experiences, and I’m very curious to see how they address this.

Daymare: 1998 Coming to Consoles

The other item of interest in that first update was that console versions of Daymare: 1998 are now included in the basic funding target. (The PS4 and Xbox One editions were originally only mooted as a $320,000 stretch goal). Again, no information is available as to why this change has been made. Invader Studios cryptically refer to ‘unexpected support’, but it’s not clear if this refers to a deal with a publisher or support Capcom itself.

Daymare: 1998

Of course, while these developments are all positive steps they are slightly tempered by the lack of precise details. And of more pressing concern is that only 14% of the $190,000 target has been pledged so far. At this rate Daymare: 1998 isn’t on track to be successfully funded. However, there are more than three weeks still left to go. And with more than half of the 800 backers coming from either the USA or Italy there’s still plenty of potential for word to spread to other countries. Particularly Japan who only account for 11 backers so far.

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