Adventure games are my bread and butter, so to speak. And when one launches on Kickstarter I have to take a look. Guard Duty doesn’t look like it reinvents the wheel, but why break the mold? When it comes down to this genre, it’s usually all about the story. Oh, and puzzles…lots and lots of puzzles. From what I can tell, this game has plenty of that plus plenty of humor.

Guard Duty

Guard Duty looks to pay homage to classics like Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle. Anyway, the basic premise is that some dude decides to make a pact with the devil for immortality. There’s two protagonists, one set in the medieval past and another in a dystopian future. That’s about all we know at this point.

What’s most unique about Guard Duty is the time traveling aspects. Sure, it’s been done before in other adventure games. It’s rarely in two distinctly different settings, though. The two heroes are even far from similar. It sounds like they’re related by a millennium of breeding, however. I think. It’s kinda hard to tell in the pitch, but does that really matter? The game looks freaking beautiful.

Guard Duty

They’re only asking for £2,000, which isn’t much to be honest. Still, the campaign is well on its way to getting funded. I really do look forward to seeing more as it becomes available. I do enjoy a good comedy adventure game, especially one with potential. Guard Duty doesn’t look special on the surface, but in the end it comes down to story and gameplay.

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