After a bit of drama and unforeseen delays, Yangyang Mobile tells backers they are on track for the upcoming 2017 release of their horror visual novel, The Letter. With chapter 4 access coming soon to beta backers, the project is only 3 chapters away from completion.

The Letter raised $33,946 on Kickstarter in Fall 2016. Understandably, visual novel fans got excited about finally having a game where romance isn’t the central theme. Instead, The Letter spins a terrifying horror narrative. The game will allow for some relationship building between characters and features one particularly steamy scene. However, the developers remain adamant that sexual content isn’t their focus.

“While the game has slice of life/romantic moments from time to time, they’re not as heavily emphasized unlike in dating sims. The game’s primary focus is still horror, and how to escape a curse.”

Writing Down To The Wire

The team is planning to have the writing for chapter 5 completed by mid-April. Beta access the for chapter will follow shortly after. With the revised release date fast approaching, The Letter now has its own Steam page and forums where fans can keep track of its progress.

Perhaps hoping to build a little hype on the way to release, the devs have revealed an animated opening trailer for the game. The video will show up in the game at the end of the demo section right before the story continues. It quickly introduces several characters against a hauntingly lovely vocal score. Definitely worth checking out if you still needed convincing that The Letter will be worth the wait when it comes out later this year.

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