Team Eleven didn’t successfully fund two Esport-centric visual novels by not knowing their audience. Their first project, SC2VN told the story of an aspiring pro gamer attempting to break into the highly competitive StarCraft 2 scene. They planned to release their follow up game, Don’t Forget Our Esports Dream in May. However, they’ve decided to delay the game following Blizzard’s announcement of StarCraft Remastered. It seems the devs want a chance to play this remastered edition before finalizing their own designs.

“With the recent announcement of StarCraft Remastered, we have a lot of potential ideas as to how we’re going to present our StarCraft scenes and want the chance to play around with the updated version once it’s been released. It’ll also give us a chance to give Don’t Forget Our Esports Dream the story, UI, and art polish that it deserves,” they explained in a Kickstarter update.

Don't Forget Our Esports Dream

Having a developer delay a project so they can go play something else seems pretty unusual. Fortunately, the teams’ backers are fully supportive of them pushing back the game’s release until later in 2017.

In the meantime, Team Eleven is continuing to flesh out the game’s main choice mechanic. The new system will make player choices feel less “run-of-the-mill”. Backers will hear more about it in a future update.

Gamers Gonna Game

It’s great to see a developer who’s clearly passionate about their source material. Since many of their backers are probably StarCraft fans in their own right, they have just as much interest in Don’t Forget Our Esports Dream accurately portraying the experience as the team behind it.

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