Last year, Team Eleven released SC2VN, a visual novel about a StarCraft 2 player trying to make it in the world of eSports. The title did well for itself, prompting its audience to demand more. It was certainly an interesting theme for a visual novel, and players wanted to learn more about the competitive struggle of eSports players.

Enter the follow-up: Don’t Forget Our eSports Dream.

Don't Forget Our eSports DreamIt already has a better title. What else does this newly-Kickstarted project offer?

Don’t Forget Our eSports Dream is a prequel to SC2VN, set in the Brood War era of South Korea’s pro StarCraft scene. I’m not even going to pretend to know what that means, but if you’re into eSports, I’m sure you do. It’s apparently quite a big deal.

Don't Forget Our eSports DreamBlizzard has given the team full permission to use official StarCraft assets, so if it’s authenticity you’re looking for, look no further. Team Eleven wants Don’t Forget Our eSports Dream to be three times the size of its predecessor, aiming for 150,000 words of script. There’ll also be multiple endings tailored to suit the player’s choices.

Don't Forget Our eSports DreamEven though the art style is the typical anime art style you normally see from the visual novel scene, it’s well-rendered, and there’s something I like about the appearance of the characters. It might sound stupid to say, but they look like pro gamers, with their messenger bags and jazzy hoodies. Nice attention to detail.

Don't Forget Our eSports DreamDon’t Forget Our eSports Dream is aiming to raise $35,000 towards its development, so if you’re at all interested, consider supporting the team over on Kickstarter. For more on the future of the project, stay tuned to Cliqist for future coverage.

Track the progress of the Don’t Forget Our eSports Dream Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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