When we last wrote about Parkitect in January, we talked about how developer Texel Raptor was doing a great job keeping backers informed. Those updates have continued, and recently the team announced the game is coming to Steam in Early Access on May 5th.

This represents a big step for any game, as the groundwork is finally in place and the general public is ready to get their hands on it. If you take a look at their developer log, you’ll see a lot of effort has gone into squashing bugs and adding new features and assets to the game over the last few months. It’s been in a private backer Alpha for several months, and many of the changes have been brought on by backer feedback.


Parkitect isn’t finished yet, it’s only going in Early Access. This means it still has a long way to go before it’s complete. Anyone who buys now will have to deal with the usual bugs and missing features. The price is getting raised as well, from $15 where you would have found it on the Humble Store, to $17.99. This price increase is due to all the new features in the game that have been added over the last few months. The price will get raised again in a few months, likely when the game is complete.

The new changes have changed my opinion of Parkitect. Originally it looked too similar to the early Rollercoaster Tycoon games, but lately it’s started to differentiate itself from the classic franchise. Unique assets, the ability to build your own buildings, new rides, and a more colorful cartoony look might not sound like a big deal, but these small changes add up to create a truly revamped experience, if not exactly entirely unique.

You can see some of these new changes in action in the Early Access trailer, which is actually pretty clever.

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