It’s hard to believe we last covered Parkitect back in 2014, with an interview with the developers. That’s now two years ago, kind of. Since then, the spiritual successor to Rollercoast Tycoon 2 has grown up, and is out exploring the world.

For starters, the game has entered early access for backers back in September. Already there’s a growing modding scene for the game, and Texel Raptor has an outstanding developer diary series they’re constantly updating. Now this is how you run a Kickstarter.


The latest update posted on New Year’s Eve details a list of changes in the latest version, including new animations, enhanced UI, better AI, and new ride music. The post also mentions that the developers will be working to add more of a campaign mode of sorts to balance out the more freeform sandbox mode.

Parkitect is looking great so far, but if there are any complaints to be had, it’s that it’s a bit too much like Rollercoaster Tycoon 2, both in gameplay and visuals. As the game grows, it’ll be interesting to see how, or if, Texel distinguishes itself from the original games.


I have to admit, I love how the Parkitect campaign is being run. By posting a developer log, showcasing the modding scene, and linking several Let’s Plays, Texel Raptor is getting the community engaged. Not only is that a great way to run a Kickstarter, that’s a great way to run a business. Everyone with aspirations of launching their own crowdfunding campaign should take note.

Josh Griffiths

Josh Griffiths

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