One of the best things about Cosmic Star Heroine’s Kickstarter campaign is how it presents itself. Zeboyd’s RPG is takes inspiration from classics of the genre Chrono Trigger and Suikoden II. But it doesn’t sell itself as a spiritual successor or an unofficial remake like so many other nostalgia inspired games on Kickstarter. Zeboyd pitches their idea on it and their company’s own merits.

Successfully Kickstarted in October 2013, raising $132,689. Zeboyd got that money on the strength of their pitch, which consisted mostly of story and combat elements. Set in the far future where space travel is as common as reality TV stars becoming president, you play super-spy Alyssa L’Salle. Where it really distinguishes itself is in the combat.

Anything But Typical

Instead of the typical mana bar, you have a series of attacks and a defend ability. Most attacks are a one time use, with the only way to recharge them being tied to your defensive abilities. On top of that, there’s the Hyper meter which is constantly filling with each turn. When it’s full, your attacks deal extra damage.

It might not sound like much, but this system distinguishes Cosmic Star Heroine apart from the pack. The combat, and Zeboyd’s willingness to evolve the RPG formula that inspired them, is what makes this such a compelling campaign. Where Yooka-Laylee had to twist itself into pretzels to live up to its Kickstarter glory, Cosmic Star Heroine fulfills all of it’s Kickstarter promise while still providing an excellent game.

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