The game world is your playground in tactical RPG Fort Triumph. Here rather than being mere background dressing every pillar, crate, or tree has the potential to become a powerful part of your arsenal. It’s a clever twist on traditional strategy mechanics that rewards creatively smiting your foes with smooth environmental physics.

The developers, Fort Triumph Team have put together a solid Kickstarter campaign. They are seeking $75,000 to take their playable demo to the next level. Funding will allow for more polished artwork, high-quality modular campaigns, and a deeper more complex strategic layer among other facets.

Fort Triumph

A focus on environmental interactions and physics makes the combat of Fort Triumph stand out. Instead of relying on the skill level of your party, players can look to the procedurally generated maps for inspiration. The ability to improvise solutions to dangerous situations by utilizing obstacles keeps battles from feeling overwhelming. Finding solutions among the many possibilities presented by the map is rewarding. Strategy isn’t limited to obvious tactics once you realize you can topple flaming trees onto your foes.

#Not All Paladins

That’s not to say that the heroes themselves don’t matter. As players progress their party will change depending on their choices. These same choices will also affect the traits each hero picks up, meaning even members of the same class will perform differently based on their experiences. For example, a hero with the ‘loud’ trait will alert enemies to their presence from further away. An ‘impressionable’ hero’s success is dependent on how well their party’s attacks are landing. This keeps missions and party members interesting long after they’re introduced.

Fort Triumph

The campaign doesn’t elaborate much on the story, rather relying on the promise of non-linear, contextually generated missions and quests to move the player forward. To that end, Fort Triumph forgoes all the slow narrative bits and puts the player right into the heart of the conflict. Gameplay focuses on finding the most interesting and effective ways to take out your enemies.

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