In what appears to be a massive departure from their previous work on The Last Door, The Game Kitchen has returned to Kickstarter for their newest project. Blasphemous is a dark fantasy action-platformer that combines a deeply unsettling narrative with fast, skill-based combat.

The campaign has already raised well over its $50,000 funding goal with nearly a month left to go. It’s a far cry from the team’s previous episodic pixel adventure, but backers are obviously more than willing to give it a chance. The interesting visuals shared on the campaign page may have something to do with that.

The Game Kitchen began pre-production work on Blasphemous back in November of 2016. Now the devs are ready to move into full production. This made it the perfect time to reach out to the backer community.

“Bringing the game to Kickstarter now will enable us to get the extra funds we need to fully realize our artistic goals while retaining full creative control. For us, and particularly for Blasphemous, this is critical because of the potentially controversial topics we are featuring in the game.”

The game heavily features religious tones and imagery, set a savage world of non-linear levels and open, non-sequential level design. Combat is smooth and responsive with blood and gore flowing readily from the protagonist’s blade.

Gorgeous Gore

Of course, its hand-crafted pixel art is what makes Blasphemous really standout. Large and detailed sprites capture every nuance. Animations look smooth and combat satisfying. Game Kitchen has gone all in on making sure players get to enjoy every last drop of pixelated blood.

The campaign cleared its funding goal in the first 24 hours. Since then backers have managed to unlock a horde of stretch goals. Moving beyond the point-and-click style they were known for looks to have been a great move for the Blasphemous team.

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