Crowdfunding campaigns fail all the time, certainly more often than they succeed, but I don’t know the exact rate, and frankly I can’t be bothered to find out. Let’s just say for every successful Kickstarter campaign, there are twenty failures, and for every successful Indiegogo campaign there are a thousand failures. Sounds about right.

It’s also a sad fact that, sometimes, bad campaigns succeed and a good ones fail. Crowdfunding is a democracy, and democracies are only as good as the dumbest person with a vote. For every Mighty No. 9 or CLANG!, there’s a Legion 1917 or The Watchmaker that should have got funded, but inexplicably didn’t. Then there are campaigns for games that look good, but the campaigns themselves were absolute dumpster fires, like Project Rap Rabbit.

Today, we’re going to be looking at the top five failed crowdfunding campaigns that deserve a second chance. We’re going to look at why they failed, and what they can do better a second (or even third time around) to have a better chance at succeeding. Let’s see if I can get a world record for number of times saying “campaign” in a single video!

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Josh Griffiths is a writer and amateur historian. He has a passion for 3D platformers, narrative-driven games, and books. Josh is also Cliqist’s video producer. He’s currently working on his first novel, and will be doing so on and off for the next decade.

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