Game Director, Fabio Consorti and the team at Mnemosyne Games have dedicated their time, energy, and personal finances towards the development of their dark gothic, action platformer, Demoniaca. Behind their scrappy determination however, there are hints of trouble brewing for the project. The release of yet another Kickstarter campaign, this time for twice the amount of the previous one, has some backers feeling concerned.

This isn’t the first time Mnemosyne have gotten ahead of themselves for this project. When they launched their first campaign they didn’t even have a website yet. With the project seemingly coming out of nowhere, even fans excited by the idea weren’t quite ready to put their dollars behind it just yet.

After the first campaign failed, Mnemosyne wasted no time in launching a second Kickstarter. This time, the promise of a sexy Castlevania with King of Fighters mechanics drew enough support to raise funding. Since then progress updates have been sporadic, but nothing to hint that the developers were struggling. Until now.

When The Funds Run Dry

A brand new Kickstarter campaign recently released featuring some very familiar, very scantly clad pixel art. Now a year out from their successful campaign, the developers are seeking 30,000, “to make Demoniaca even better.” Naturally, this has raised concerns among backers about the future of the game’s development should this new campaign fail.

When asked if the game was in danger, Consorti insisted that previous backers had nothing to worry about. “The game can only improve with more funds. No danger, we believe in this project and we also work for free. Anyway, it will come out.”

Despite his assurances, his mention of ‘working for free’ paints a troubling picture for Demoniaca.

The devs claim the new campaign is intended to give the project a much needed boost. This would allow them to complete this enhanced version over the next 12 months. Though, again it’s hard to get a fix on how much of the funding is really for ‘extras’ as they claim and how much is necessary to compete the core game.

Hopefully, the developers will be more specific and transparent in future updates. Backers have the right to know exactly how much impact this new campaign holds over the project they pledged towards. It can be tempting for small teams facing trouble to keep their heads down and mouths shut until the danger has passed. Sadly, this mentality has ruined plenty of projects in the past. It would be a shame to see Demoniaca fall victim to the same.

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