Breaking News: In a Kojima-esque act of postmodern subterfuge, and following in the clandestine footsteps of Frog Fractions 2, it turns out that Pigeon Dating Sim Hatoful Boyfriend has a brand new entry to the franchise. Yep. That’s right. The sequel to 2015’s Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star was developed in complete secrecy, and is now upon us. The bad news for fans is that all those dreamy pigeons have been shot, covered in a delicious crispy coating, and deep fried to perfection. 2018 on brand yet again.

Wingman DX

Chicken’ me out

Wingman DX is a tale of love, friendship, and heartbreak. Of ex-lovers who can’t stay committed to one flavor. Of looking past the coating to the find the true wing inside. Of the search for the one, true Soulmouth. You play as “a human Teacher’s Assistant on scholarship at the prestigious Wing Academy for the Soon-to-Be-Delicious.” It won’t be easy though, as you’ll have to deal with some spicy attitudes. At one point, I got told to ‘have a nice life’ by a Honey Pineapple Wing. Pretty fowl behavior, if you ask me. (I’ve got like, 30 of these puns)

Although Wingman DX might seem like a parody game on the surface, there’s actually some great writing here. It’s clear the creators were familiar with the genre, and the game is coated with meta references, nods, and homages. I’m not sure how long they spent cooped up developing Wingman DX, but they’ve certainly hatched themselves a spring chicken for anyone feeling peckish for a new dating sim. (Still got, like, 28 left)

Wingman DX

You can play Wingman DX here. There’s not too much more I can say without spoiling this heartrending drama, so instead, here’s a bunch of chicken puns from the Cliqist team that didn’t make the cut;

You know what? I actually can’t do it. I love you all too much to subject you to such hatchery. Treachery. I meant treachery.

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