It looks like something won’t be rotten in the state of Denmark, and in Elsinore, for too long.

Golden Glitch Studios has been working on Elsinore for more than three years. All in all, making a game where you put a different spin on Hamlet and mash it up with Groundhog Day can’t be an easy task. However, Golden Glitch has always had regular, and meaty, updates on their Kickstarter page. They’ve been working very hard on the game and it looks like their hard work will pay off soon.

Elsinore is getting a new backer beta. It will be released next month and it will expand upon the one they released almost two years ago. This new beta will comprise of the full playable game, with the exception of “a couple of hidden secrets.”

There is method in this madness

Golden Glitch has been playtesting Elsinore on the regular. These waves of playtesting are helping them figure out how close to release they are. They are focusing on quality assurance more than anything because, in their own words, they want to “stick the landing.” But the process is quite long, and that’s where this new beta comes in. The feedback that backers give Golden Glitch will help when it comes to finishing work on the game.

Seeing how the full game looks like is going to be interesting. The prospect of going on dates with “Emo Hamlet” sounds hilarious enough but changing events so that we save Ophelia and everyone in the castle is certainly Elsinore‘s main appeal.


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