WWII First person shooters are a dime a dozen on Kickstarter, but oddly flight sims (particularly those who ever release) are a rarer bird. The devs at Atomic Jelly decided this could not stand. With help from Polish publisher, Movie Games, they set out to create a realistic aerial combat simulator. One that would let players live out the life of an RAF pilot during the Battle of Britain. The result is a Kickstarter campaign for their new project, 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain. Here they plan to let players take to the skies for some history-inspired action.

As an extra sprinkle of credibility the campaign is run under the PlayWay banner. This is the same publisher responsible for bringing us other highly authentic jobs simulators in the form of Gold Rush and 911 Operator. Games that don’t shy away from the less celebrated aspects of the careers they showcase.

In addition to gratifying sky battles, players also have free reign to roam the grounds of the Northolt RAF Base. There is more to discover on the ground in the form of hidden missions and characters. Players also have the ability to join the ground crew in tweaking and optimizing their planes in mechanic mode.

More Than a Wing and a Prayer

The campaign is only seeking $9,629 in funding which is surprisingly attainable. Since the game’s basic mechanics are already in place, the funding will mostly go towards additional features. Things that didn’t make the initial cut due to budget constraints. Probably the most enticing is the stretch goal for an X-ray kill camera. For roughly $24K players will get to better enjoy the full extent of the damage and destruction they rain down on enemy forces. The devs plan to release an exclusive demo to backers before the conclusion of the campaign.

303 Squadron: Battle of Britain is great for history buffs who want a unique perspective on the War. Plus who doesn’t enjoy blowing Nazis out of the sky before a spot of tea?

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